Game Of The Week: PES 2020 Mobile Keeps Getting Better

PES 2020 Mobile
Image courtesy Konami

Playing football simulators on your smartphone is not something many players would necessarily call ideal. But as much as game slike FIFA and PES have proven to be masters at the console level, the same developers couldn’t help but just make one for the die-hard smartphone users.

Then came Konami’s eFootball PES 2020 Mobile. Of course, the mobile version has been there for a while but it is clear by now that it is getting better year-on-year. And for someone who has been playing it for a while, I cannot help but speak about how good it is compared to what it was earlier.

The change may not be as big but only a loyal player can actually figure out the fine gameplay details that are changing either for the better or worse. So what’s gotten better?

Well, first it is the timely updates that come into the game almost every month by now. Team players are updated according to real-time occurrences which is nothing short of impressive for a free mobile game. Speaking of updates, the game has been getting almost more than enough content updates to keep players busy with fresh challenges. Mostly under the Events Mode, getting a fresh list of football clubs to always compete with at levels of one’s choice is such a delight.

Second is the advancement I have noticed in the gameplay mechanics. Other than just being a plain boring game without skill, you can now notice players performing actions and skills that you wouldn’t have seen in earlier versions of the game. From dribbling, skilful passing to finesse shooting; it is all noticeably better, making the game just a better experience. This even comes in different levels according to the players that you have in your squad.

For instance, a shot from Christiano Ronaldo comes with much power compared to Messi, which is something that you actually see in real life. Defense from Van Dijk is something you get as quite better compared to another like Azpilicueta. Of course, it can all be made way better but for now, it is impressive.

Graphics may not be getting significantly better, but the likenesses to real-life players are one to marvel at. From physique to hairstyles all is good but I wish it could be made better though. After all, what would it be like if you were playing with players that look exactly as they should?

This is of course not to say that PES 2020 Mobile has a long way to go. Like for one, I wish there would finally be an End Match button instead of always having to leave the app altogether. Second, some cut scenes for match kick-offs would also be really nice. However, for what we have, I can’t help but be impressed by the game every time I play it.

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