Telkom Kenya Now Offers More Data Bundles For The Same Price

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The war to win the connected consumer has been taken a notch higher with telcos in Kenya revamping their mobile data bundles offerings to entice more subscribers, the latest to pull this move being Telkom.

Late last year Safaricom introduced non-expiring bundles, Airtel followed with the introduction of revamped Amazing Data Bundles and now Telkom Kenya has also reworked their offering.

In a low-key announcement through their social media pages, Telkom Kenya has revamped its data bundles to offer more data for the same price.

Under the campaign, #DoTheMath, this is how Telko Kenya has reworked its mobile data offering:

24 Hours Validity

  • 70MB (previous bundle: 40MB) at KES 10
  • 200MB (previous bundle: 100MB) at KES 20
  • 700MB (previous bundle: 500MB) at KES 50
  • 2GB (previous bundle: 2GB) at KES 100

7 Days Validity

  • 350MB (previous bundle: 200MB) at KES 49
  • 750MB (previous bundle: 500MB) at KES 99
  • 2.5GB (previous bundle: 2GB) at KES 249

30 Days Validity

  • 2GB (previous bundle: 1GB) at KES 249
  • 5GB (previous bundle: 4GB) at KES 499
  • 12GB (previous bundle: 10GB) at KES 999
  • 30GB (previous bundle: 25GB) at KES 1,999
  • 50GB (previous bundle: 40GB) at KES 2,999

The new bundles are already live and subscribers can access the bundles by dialling *544# on their Telkom lines.

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