Airtel Kenya Relaunches Amazing Data Bundles with More Data and New Out-Of-Bundle Rates


Airtel Kenya has today announced a revamp of its mobile offerings under the branding #BeSureNaAirtel.

Under the new offering, Airtel Kenya is offering customers new rates on both voice and data usage.

The offering spans both on in-bundle and out-of-bundle. For out-of-bundle rates, Airtel subscribers will be paying 1 shilling for every 5MB used (which translates to a mere 20 cents for every MB used) calls on the other hand (on-net and off-net), will be charged at 2 bob per minute.

New Amazing Data Bundles

be sure na airtel

With the new out-of-bundle offering, Airtel has also revamped its popular Amazing Data Bundles offering.

The new rates are as follows:

  • Amazing 20 = 200MB valid for 24 hours (previous bundle: 100MB) at KES 20
  • Amazing 50 = 500MB valid for 24 hours (previous bundle: 400MB) at KES 50
  • Amazing 50 = 350MB valid for 7 days (previous bundle: 200MB) at KES 50
  • Amazing 100 = 750MB valid 7 days (previous bundle: 500MB) at KES 100
  • Amazing 300 = 3GB valid for 30 days (previous bundle: 1.5 GB) at KES 300
  • Amazing 500 = 5GB valid for 30 days (previous bundle: 4 GB) at KES 500
  • Amazing 1000 = 12GB valid for 30 days (previous bundle: 10 GB) at KES 1000
  • Amazing 2000 = 30GB valid for days (previous bundle: 25 GB)¬†at KES 2000

To access these new rates, Airtel subscribers will be required to dial *544*2# and sign up for the offer.

All the new Amazing Data Bundles still come with the usual free unlimited WhatsApp even when the selected data bundles run out but the expiry period is still valid.

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