Weekly Recap: Ugandans Thought They Could Make 30% Profits in 21 Days

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Ugandans Thought They Could Make 30% Profit in 21 Days Through Cryptocurrency

It’s a sad story but I can’t help laughing about it. A number of Ugandans have fallen prey to a well-masterminded cryptocurrency scam.

A company, known as Dunamiscoins lured eager investors into putting their hard-earned money into the company with the promise of making 30% in returns within 21 days and all you had to do was to give this company your money, go home and relax. Wow.

As if that wasn’t enough, the company hired a total of 50 employees, whom also had to invest a small amount of money (KES 550) into the scam business in order to get their jobs.

Well, as the gods of cryptocurrency scams would have it, the founders of the company woke up one day, didn’t show up at their offices and have not been seen since.

They left customers confused and employees jobless. Ni kama drama, ni kama video.

Here’s a 50M Samsung TV for You To Spend Your Money On

As if the 230K Samsung Galaxy Fold was not painful enough for us peasants, Samsung recently announced a big, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, 292-inch 8K microLED TV that costs a whooping 50 Million Kenyan Shillings.

If that amount doesn’t scare you, then good for you. For the rest of us who are shaking at the thought of owning such a TV, we’re wondering why on earth would anyone spend so much on a TV.

Well, according to Samsung the target market for this TV are homeowners and businesses, since the TV comes in two variants for these purposes.

This newsletter cannot do justice to what the TV is all about. So kindly, just head over to the full article to get a reason to hate your life.

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