Realme C15 Unboxing: This Battery is Huge

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  1. My preference is Nokia 7.2, however it is expensive.

  2. I’ve used redmi phone and truth is I would not go for anything but the Xiaomi. It has more features packed in than most phones on the price range. They never forget to put the infrared blaster that you can use as a universal remote and also the compass that comes in handy if you travel alot. Also the battery life lasts longer than most handsets.

  3. I have been using Xiaomi redmi note 8pro. To be honest Nokia 7.2 compared to this phone is trash. The camera is amazing 64mp and the battery has never disappointed me. To be honest in the midrange phones not even Samsung gets close to this beast.

  4. The Nokia phone is amazing on its own. You pay more for a cleaner UI. Redmi MIUI comes with sample ads on top.
    This conversation shouldn’t have pit an Android one phone and a custom one.

    1. I support you entirely

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