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Samsung Trolls The Huawei Mate 30 Over Lack of Google Apps

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
Image Courtesy Android Authority

Of course, I do not expect Samsung to stand in solidarity with Huawei after the Trump ban but neither did I expect the company to kick a man when he’s down but that’s exactly what Sammy did to the Huawei Mate 30.

It is now official that the Huawei Mate 3o Series will sell without Google app and services, which in itself is a pretty huge deal that will definitely affect Huawei’s sales on their new devices. Samsung thought it was a wise time to troll Huawei over this by showcasing their “strong” relationship with Google.

Before we get to the troll, we have to note that this is sort of ironical since Samsung has never been one to be proud of relying on Google for their software. The company literally makes clones for all of Google apps and bundles them on their phones.

Actually, Samsung was one of the companies that pushed Google to make it mandatory for manufacturers to include “powered by Android” on their logos while powering on their devices as it was believed that Big Sam wanted to create an Android clone using their Tizen OS and simply replace Google’s Android on their phones with Tizen.

Anyway, back to the trolling. Samsung Spain sent out emails to its customers advertising their new Galaxy Note 10 but that advert was not your usual sales pitch.

In the Spanish email, the subject line read, “Enjoy updates, apps and Google Services”. The content begins with a quote from 9t05Google whose review tagged the Note 10 as “the best Android phone of the moment”.

Right below, Samsung put an image of the Galaxy Note 10 home screen showing Google apps; Search, YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Photos, Maps, PlayStore and Drive.


Image Courtesy Android Central

The whole email does not hide that Samsung is trying to flex its current good relationship with Google, something that Huawei does not enjoy. Samsung has not been one to shy away from trolling competitors, but this one tops that list.

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