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These Are The Best Selling Smartphones in The First Half of 2019

Samsung Galaxy A30 Back

We’ve always said that the decision to purchase a certain smartphone is a personal choice and while the market gets flooded with new phones every other week that decision becomes much harder.

It’s no longer just about the price of the device or the brand name it bears, people now consider a recommendation from other users as a purchasing factor over just the hardware specifications of the device (this is literally why we exist).

The current market trend is that we are seeing good devices become really cheap and cheap devices become good (maybe not really good) but also, the ceiling for how much brands can charge for a phone has slowly been lifted beyond the Kes.100,000 ($1000) mark with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and even the recently launched iPhone 11 Pro.

Interestingly though, according to a report by IHS Markit Technology, seven (7) out of the top ten (10) best selling smartphones in the world are budget smartphones which all cost less than Kes.30,000 ($300) – the other three spots are taken by iPhones.

Samsung’s new A-Series smartphone dominate the list (kinda) with the Galaxy A50, Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A10 making a debut. There are also two Xiaomi phones on the list and a surprise appearance by the OPPO A50.

Here’s the list of the best selling smartphones between January and August 2019:

 Smartphone modelBrandUnits sold (in millions)
1iPhone XRApple 26.9
2Galaxy A10Samsung13.4
3Galaxy A50Samsung12.0
4iPhone 8Apple10.3
5Redmi 6AXiaomi10.0
6Redmi Note 7Xiaomi10.0
7Galaxy J2 CoreSamsung9.9
9iPhone XS MaxApple 9.6
10Galaxy A30Samsung9.2

Do you own any of these phones? Why did you buy it?

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