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Mercedes and Hyundai Visit The Future With New Electric Vehicle Concepts


The future is coming or it’s here rather with electric vehicles. We’ve had the Tesla craze and other companies started joining in on the manufacture of e-cars like Jaguar and Audi. Porsche also recently came in with their reveal of the Taycan line-up.

Well, one German and another South Korean manufacturer have decided to give us a peek of what they plan for their own EV models. Mercedes’ EQ line of electric vehicles has been growing over the years and this year will see a new addition with the revealed Vision EQS.

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Mercedes Vision EQS

Unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the car is the automaker’s glimpse into the future of sedans. The reveal came with a striking concept design giving off the feel of future cars, but it is still unlikely that the company will be sticking to the exact design.

The all-wheel-drive EQS was shown in its usual silver and blue design aesthetic. But considering how appealing the general design is, it will be a shame to lose all this styling. The rounded edges may somewhat make it look like a bean but we’ve just gotten to be fans of the overall look especially its low profile.

Mercedes electric vehicles

Image: Car Magazine

In addition to the cool look, the Vision EQS will output 469 horsepower at an axle weight of 254kg. This then will get to propel from 0 to around 64km/h in less than 4.5 seconds as reported by Mercedes.

The battery will give it a WLTP range of 700km on a single charge with a 350kw charging rate. This means it will be able to charge from 0 to 80 seconds in less than 20 minutes. That might be as impressive as it is scary. If you thought that this is too much into the future, Mercedes-Benz says it will have 20 units released for sale by the end of this year.

electric vehicles mercedes

Image: Car Magazine

Hyundai 45

The Asian counterpart decided to go with the “45” retro-styled piece that’s meant to show where it’s going with future EVs. The car that has been teased since last month, is inspired by the 1974 Pony Couple Concept, the forefather of the Pony Econo-mobile.


Image: Financial Express

The 45 is thus meant to stand for the original concept’s anniversary and also a nod to the 45-degree angles on the roofline and other parts of the car. With nothing revealed on the performance, Hyundai decided to wow us with the design and interior designs of the car that also take cues from 1920′ art.

Complimented by a glowing logo, the car will feature LED lights that show charge level from the exterior. It uses side cameras instead of mirrors, complete with a brush that can remove any dirt or fog. Designed more like a living room space, the 45’s interior will have passengers lounge in comfort while being driven autonomously.

electric vehicles hyundai 45

Image: Autocar

Instead of a touchscreen, front passengers have access to an infotainment system complete with a projector-like interface. Should have the need for interaction, the front seats can turn 180 degrees to face passengers. With not much said about this concept, it is fair to have an open mind about what the company decides mid-development.

As for now though, the Mercedes is the one in wait.

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