What To Expect From Fortnite’s New Crossover With Borderlands 3


Fortnite players have now been invaded by the wild world of Borderlands with the latest update that just brought in new battle royale game features referencing to the upcoming shooter in a crossover event dubbed FortniteXMayhem. And as many players who have participated in both worlds expected, the additions include a Psycho skin and Claptrap backpack you can purchase, along with free rewards like weapon wraps and sprays.

Surprisingly though, Epic Games decided to bring in a totally new area to the map near Paradise Palms that is based on Pandora, a strange planet where the Borderlands game series is set in.

The area has been set to appear as a rift zone, a feature that had just been introduced in Season X, which awfully resembles what is in the Borderlands game, complete with toon-shaded visuals for the Fortnite characters, which we have to say brings in a fresh experience. Additionally, if you take long enough in the area without being killed. your character starts generating a shield.

The ‘FortniteXMayhem’ event hasn’t really mentioned Borderlands by name even though it is clearly just that with players getting the chance of pre-ordering Borderlands 3 in order to get a bunch of cosmetics for free.

Some of the cosmetics can also be earned through completing six new challenges that have already gone live which include:

Outside the crossover event that is set to last till September 10th, Fortnite will also be getting a whole new large update, which will include a new Shield Bubble item as Borderlands 3 awaits launch on 13th of the same month.

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