Fortnite Season X: Where To Find Rift Zones


The new week of Fortnite season 10 is still out there for players and with it comes the Worlds Collide set of challenges that will require you to look for rift zones at specific places in the map. Basically, the challenge is all about rifts, rift zones, the CUBE and that sort of thing. Some of the players that have been involved in the previous seasons may recognise the character/outfit that this week seems to mainly focus on called Catalyst, who happens to be the female version of Drift.

There are a total of five rifts across the map right now, a figure that might change as the week continues and here’s where they are located on the map:

Rift zones

Image credit: Epic/Erik Zain

But before you go rushing, there are a few things you might want to take into consideration: After using a rift, you cannot use it again for the rest of the match. Speed is required since you may go to one location and lack a rift as another player may have already gotten to it. Being with a squadmate also helps as you can use a rift together but only if you do it at the exact same time.

Using any of these rifts means you complete the first challenge. Once you’ve completed all of week 3’s challenges, be sure to select prestige and go on to that. You’ll need to use four of these for the prestige challenge, but not in the same match so that’s still not terribly difficult. Happy hunting!

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