Fortnite Season X: Where To Find Stop Signs for The Road Trip Challenge

Fortnite road trip challenge
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As mentioned before, the new season of Fortnite comes with new missions that include the road trip challenge and with them came new ways on how players take on these challenges was brought aboard. Thankfully enough, players won’t have a hard time figuring out how to tackle challenges since they are more or less the same for each.

And for the “Road Trip” group of challenges, one of the tasks that players will have is to find and destroy ten stop signs while wearing the Catalyst outfit. If you are already familiar with this, good for you but if not, then we’ve figured the stop signs out for you. Thank us later.

The Challenge

This one might be pretty easy for you, luckily enough since all you’ll be required to do is turn up and start destroying the stop signs while dressed up in the Catalyst outfit. And since they look just like regular old stop signs, it will not be hard for a player to identify them. But if it gets hard on the way, you can refer to the map and locate where each sign is.

Finding Stop Signs In The Challenge

  1. First, you will be required to wear the Catalyst outfit in order to complete the challenge.
  2. You can then get into any mode in the Fortnite Battle Royale, but you might want to mostly choose between Solo or Team Rumble as they are the best for challenges like these.
  3. The stop signs are located in various places on the map but focus on Pleasant Park, Salty Springs, Mega Mall, and Paradise Palms. If you have any trouble, refer to the map.
  4. Make your way into any of the locations and begin smashing any stop sign you find using a pickaxe or a weapon of your choice.

Fortnite stop signs

Even more lucky for you, you will have the choice of continuing the game or backing out of the road trip challenge after destroying ten stop signs. Once you’re done, you can begin checking off the remaining challenges for this week.

And if you want to look up what other challenges are install, then you can check our previous article.

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