Sony Shows Off How Fast The PlayStation 5 Loads Games

Sony PS

Despite the fact that Sony has been slowly teasing us with the details of their upcoming console, expected to be released next year, it is becoming quite obvious that they really want us to be sure of one major upgrade that will come with their next-generation console, PS5.

8K graphics, 3D audio and backwards compatibility with PS4 titles have been mentioned now and before but the one that actually stole the show is SSD storage that was demonstrated with one of the latest games Spider-Man that loaded in less than a second in the new console while PS4 loaded in 8 seconds.

Now, this incredibly fast loading speed comes alongside other features like easily handling vigorous maps that cause certain spins and breaks when moving from one part to another.

Other than the enthusiasm that Sony wants to draw from its loyal fans and console owners about the next generation console, they still want people to continue focusing on the current product they have now. This is since they insisted that PlayStation 4 will still drive engagement and profitability for the next three years. Now, this may be difficult to still believe considering the fact that the console’s sales immediately started dropping when the details of PS5 were first announced.

It is still safe to note that PS5 pricing has not yet been revealed neither the games or general user experience. What is presumed, however, is cloud gaming being a huge part of the console with the company’s heavy hinting especially with their new partnership with Microsoft. What we do know though is that it will use an 8-core CPU based on the third-gen Ryzen line by AMD as well as a ray-tracing graphics GPU even though they never showcased it during their investors’ meeting.

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