How To Apply For Lipa Na M-PESA Short-Term Paybill Number


For a while now, it is common for Kenyans to call out to the public for financial help when it is required for instance in the case of a catastrophe, hefty medical bill or even for school fees. When this need arises, people have always turned to the use of popular mobile money service M-PESA and sending contributions to a personal phone number does not exactly elicit trust hence the use of temporary Lipa na M-PESA paybill numbers that get terminated after the stated period elapses.

Previously, those in need of the temporary paybill number had to download an application form which they would submit at a Safaricom Shop for processing. Safaricom has now introduced an online portal that is meant to make this process quick, simple and seamless. Here’s how to do it:

  • Access Safaricom Lipa na M-PESA Application portal
  • Select that you are applying for a short-term Paybill number
  • Select the purpose of the paybill number, i.e., medical, education, funeral, wedding or charity
  • Depending on the purpose, certain documents will be required (listed below)
  • Proceed to register, select how long you will require the paybill number between one month and six months
  • Fill in your personal details on the online form, including the bank details where the money will be deposited
  • Verify your identity through a code that will be sent to your phone
  • Attach the required documents
  • Applications take around 24 hours before they are approved or rejected.

Documents Required


  • Hospital admission form
  • Copy of ID of the applicant
  • Letter from the bank or cancelled cheque


  • Copy of ID of the applicant
  • Admission letter
  • Letter from the bank or cancelled cheque


  • Copy of death certificate or burial permit
  • Copy of ID of the applicant
  • Letter from the bank or cancelled cheque


  • Copy of ID of the couple
  • For traditional weddings, a letter from the couple is required
  • For formal weddings, a letter from the institution wedding the couple is required
  • Letter from the bank or cancelled cheque


  •  Cover letter from committee signed by two authorised signatories stating the purpose of the account
  • Letter/Email from bank showing account has been set up for the intended purpose
  • Letter from the bank or cancelled cheque

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