Twitter’s Hope For An Edit Button Might Have Been Replaced by A Clarification Feature

Jaack Dorsey, Twitter CEO

Just the other day we were celebrating after Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO announced that the company was thinking about adding an edit about and was in the process of figuring out how it would work. Now, Jack has yet again spoken about editing tweets but this time around, the CEO is speaking of a clarification feature that would let users include additional context to older tweets.

Jack explained their line of thought, saying that once someone “clarifies a tweet”, the clarification would appear alongside the original tweet in contention and other Twitter users will no longer be able to retweet or like the old tweet but instead, users will only be able to retweet the clarification thus the old tweet would always carry around its context.

This isn’t exactly the edit button we were all hoping for but I guess it goes a long way in clearing some issues that might have landed one in trouble. There’s still hope (however thin) for an edit button but Jack did also caution that the clarification feature was not a guarantee but one of the features that the company was brainstorming over to “help people feel more comfortable about what they share on Twitter.”

Speaking of Twitter features no one asked for, the platform did announce that it was testing a profile peek feature which would let users tap on the username of another user on their timeline and their profile would load as an overlay on the timeline instead of  loading entirely on a new page and taking you away from your timeline – just like it is when you hover on a username while on Twitter desktop.

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