Top Educational Apps You Can Install For Your kids


With kids spending most of their free time on their tablets, it only right to ensure that they are learning something on those tablets. Educational apps can help kids acquire new skills that might be useful in their everyday tasks. They can also help kids acquire interest in subjects and topics the found boring. Here are some educative apps you should install for your kids;

Khan academy

Khan academy is among the best kids apps available for free for both Android and iOS. The app features thousands of interactive learning activities, books and games for kids aged between 2 and 10 years. Children can learn various activities from the app like language, writing, math, colouring and drawing. The app can play a huge role in helping your kids learn different activities that are not taught in school.

Quick math

To many kids, math can be very boring. Quick math helps  kids to love math by transforming numbers into more creative and interactive form. The app is made with different math games that feature fundamental math skills and concepts. Quick math is available for free.

ABC mouse

ABC mouse is among the most popular educational apps for kids. It contains thousands of activities for your kids to engage with. It has traditional subjects like math, science, languages among others. The app was developed by educators and experts for kids between 3 to 10 years. Its main downside is that its not free on both android and iOS.

Google arts and culture

This is Google’s free app for kids. The app was designed for kids above the age of 9 years and it lets kids explore art, culture and geography. The app helps kids and teens research on their projects from its enormous  amount of information. The app’s main downside is that some of its content is restricted by location.


Quizlet is a free kids app that was designed mostly for kids above 4 years old.  The app helps kids prepare for tests by preparing flash cards on their tablets. It offers different testing methods such as multiple choice and true/false. The app can be very useful when it comes to reviewing materials students will be tested on.

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