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BIC Launches First-of-its-kind Metaverse Gallery in Africa 

BIC Launches First-of-its-kind Metaverse Gallery in Africa  - Press Release

The Art Master Africa Metaverse gallery is live and available to view here. Throughout the year, the gallery will showcase artwork of artists from the region including Southern, Eastern, and West Africa. Gallery visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the creative work crafted with the iconic BIC Cristal ballpoint pen. Art enthusiasts will be able to purchase physical versions of the exhibited artwork, further supporting the burgeoning talents within the region. 

Expressing his excitement, Greg Alibaux, Marketing Director for Middle East and Africa at BIC, said: “Self-expression is at the heart of what we do – resembling one of our main product categories, Human Expression. We truly believe in the importance of self-expression, and art is a form of that. Art Master Africa is one of our region’s flagship competitions, focusing on talent and youth empowerment. Year-on-year we witness the astonishing talent that comes out of Africa, of which we are proud. The decision to launch the Art Master Africa gallery in the metaverse came from the success that the competition saw in the region, and beyond. The gallery aims to bring together the mystifying charm of creativity and the strength of technology and innovation, to bring the work created by African talent to life.” 

This year’s collection will include work done by Griffin Lundi, Maiku Fred, Gayi  Eric and Stanley Were amongst other talented artists. 

This year, the sixth edition of Art Master Africa will kick off in Africa and the Middle East. Art Master Africa was incepted in South Africa in 2017, after which it expanded into the wider African continent, followed by the Middle East in 2021. Every year, participants are challenged to create captivating artworks aligned with a central theme, using BIC ballpoint pens. Past themes, such as “Celebrating Africa” and “Enchant Everyday Life,” have inspired a plethora of iconic artworks that showcase the richness and diversity of African culture.

The Art Master Africa competition continues to be a platform for thousands of African artists to showcase their creativity and gain much-needed exposure. Through this initiative, BIC consistently celebrates the creativity and originality of artists who find great inspiration in creating masterpieces using BIC’s products, underscoring the brand’s commitment to bolstering human expression. 

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