UPDATE: KPLC Prepaid Tokens To Be Bought Only Through This M-Pesa Paybill

KPLC Electricity Bill Mpesa Tokens

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company, KPLC, has today announced that the purchase of prepaid tokens and payment of postpaid bills will only be made through M-PESA and authorised banks. This was effective from Thursday, 1st September 2022.

KPLC Prepaid Tokens and Postpaid Payments Through M-Pesa

The company has banned all third-party dealing of tokens deeming them illegal. This means Kenyans will no longer be able to buy tokens at other shops or even bank apps. – ‘the company will not take any liability for any transaction conducted through any other platform’.

Paying Via KPLC M-PESA PayBill

In that case, here are the Paybills that KPLC will let you use to purchase token and make postpaid payments and how to go about it.*

  1. Go to your SIM tool kit app and select M-PESA.
  2. Select Pay bill and key in:
    1. Pre-Paid – 88880 as the business number
    2. Postpaid – 888888
  3. For the account number, type your meter number and check again to make sure it is correct.
  4. Select the amount then click OK.
  5. A confirmation message will come in from M-PESA and then the token from KPLC shows all the transaction details.

KPLC also notes that you can use the USSD code *977#, visit their banking halls or call them on 97771.

As much as this may inconvenience many users, you must admit that M-PESA is fairly convenient. What do you think of this decision? Here’s something else you probably didn’t know, the fastest way to check your KPLC bill.


According to KPLC, all you need to do is Call 97771 or dial *977#

Email Service

With this method, you can check your electricity account balance and bill due date via e-mail. You can follow these steps to get the details:

  1. Open a new e-mail message.
  2. Type the first part of your account number in the subject field. For example, if your account number is 998877-01, just type 998877.
  3. Email the blank message to [email protected]. Within a few minutes, you will receive an automatic reply with your account balance details and payment due date.

Tip: They also seem to reply rather quickly on Twitter so you can also Direct message them your Account number and issue on their account: @KenyaPower_Care.

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