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Spina Zonke: Gives You a Chance to Win the Jackpot

How to win the jackpot with Spina Zonke games on Hollywoodbets - Partner Content

In the world of online gambling, experiences which come close to matching the thrill of winning a huge jackpot are few. The spina zonke jackpot race is one of such, which offers players an opportunity to experience this thrill, and potentially walk away with huge cash prizes should you be lucky to be a winner. In this article, we will look into the mechanics involved and also give tips and strategies on how to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot.

Understanding Spina Zonke Jackpot Race

Spina Zonke is an interactive online slots game that combines traditional slot gameplay with exciting bonus features. The jackpot race is a competition that happens every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, between 8:30 pm and 10:30 pm on Hollywoodbets. Cash prizes of up to R5,000,000 are shared in monthly pools. 

The smallest amount that can guarantee access into a race is a R2 stake on any qualifying game. Around R250,000 is put up for grabs in a single race with cash prizes; though smaller, picked up by those who finish in the Top 200 leaderboard depending on the game selected. Each race lasts for a maximum of 2 hours, with jackpot randomly triggered anytime within the 2-hour duration.

Tips to Hitting the Jackpot

There are strategies which can be employed to increase your chances of winning on Spina Zonke. Listed below are some of these strategies:

Stick to the Minimum Bet

This helps to avoid the temptation of wagering more than you can afford, as a limit is set for you to stick to. Chances of winning are also improved by spreading out your bets to get more spins, as losing a bunch of spins with lower stakes will curb the depletion of your balance compared to spins with higher stakes. This also helps in increasing the chances of a bet being placed at the ripe time for a jackpot as they are spread and placed at different intervals.

Choosing the Right Game

Selection of the Spina Zonke game that suits your preference is also important. Games which offer higher payout percentages may be less likely to have frequent wins, but those with lower payout percentages provide more frequent wins. Some of the qualifying games to pick from include:

  • Jelly Fish Flow.
  • Lucky Lucky.
  • Lantern Luck.
  • Nuwa.
  • Wealth Inn.
  • Magic Oak.

With this known, you should always focus on the long run rather than winning a huge amount of money quickly in a jackpot race.


Paying attention to the patterns of the games is another overlooked but crucial strategy. Since a jackpot race runs for a maximum of 2 hours, the probability of winning the jackpot in the early minutes is quite low. It is then advisable to wait till the last hour, as that is the most probable time for the race to end, increasing your chances of winning. This strategy also helps you save your bets, as you join the pool in the latter stages reducing the number of wagers placed. 

Progressive Jackpot Games

Although, the odds of hitting progressive jackpots are typically lower than those with smaller prizes, if you are someone who is aiming for the big jackpot, you should consider playing Spina Zonke games with progressive jackpots. Bigger payouts are guaranteed by a pool which keeps accumulating over time, which can be won with low wagers.

Demo Games

Before starting a new game, you should familiarize yourself with all the rules and intricacies of that particular game. The best strategy to ensure familiarization to a new game is; making use of the demo mode which can be found on almost all online casino games. Through this demo mode, you get to experience the gameplay and gain understanding of the rules without having to risk any of your money.


Spina Zonke has provided a jackpot race which provides a huge opportunity for players to win lucrative sums of money. This article shows how the race works and how through the employment of these strategies, your chances of hitting the jackpot are increased.

DISCLAIMER: This article is a partnered post and does not substitute for professional advice or help. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility.

Feature Photo by Steve Sawusch on Unsplash

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