Best Places To Buy PlayStation And Xbox Consoles In Nairobi

Xbox One- PS4
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The world of gaming is slowly moving towards the reign of the new champions, the PS5 and XBOX Series consoles, and we want to talk about where you can buy them in Nairobi.

They have taken the world by storm with their fancy new features and updates that we, as gamers, would definitely enjoy. If you were wondering where best to get these consoles, games and accessories, you have come to the right place.

Where To Buy PlayStation And Xbox Consoles in Nairobi

When choosing these stores, we looked at reliability, availability, and overall good service when buying your newest companion. So if you are eager to get yourself a console here are some of the best stores around the capital that you could get for impressive prices.

  1. Vivid Gold 
  2. XGAMER Technologies 
  3. Game Masters Kenya 
  4. Shopit 
  5. Gamechanger
  6. Games and Consoles 
  7. Game Nairobi
  8. Gamez 4 You Nairobi 
  9. Almiria Tech Store 
  10. DukaTech
  11. Beba Mart
  12. KenyaTronics
  13. Gamers HQ Kenya 
  14. Carrefour Kenya 
Xbox scarlett
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The list above, of course, contains stores with physical locations as well as those that are purely online. Some of these stores also deal in completely brand-new consoles and controllers, while others go for second-hand products.

You should note, though, that the second-hand consoles are obviously cheaper, with some going for almost half the original prices. The choice, though, is up to your preferences.

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