Microsoft Announces Xbox Series S Console With Shockingly Low Price

xbox series s
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It is pretty clear by now that Microsoft is not going to let Sony run that easily with sales as it did with the current consoles. That is why the company was the first to announce its next-gen console, Xbox Series X late last year. And after Sony announced the PlayStation 5 alongside the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, it only seemed fit form Microsoft to follow suit.

Well, it now really looks like the Xbox consoles will be surprisingly cheaper than we ever imagined. After months of speculation about the diskless Xbox Series S (codenamed Lockhart), Microsoft has finally confirmed. But what shocks the most is the price tag attached to it. According to the tech firm, the digital-only console will go for $299 (about KES 30,000).  In Kenya we would expect this to go from KES 35k- KES40k once shipped.

This was shared by Xbox on its social media pages to pretty much put all rumours to silence. The accompanying image gives a better look at the Series S. This shows off its thin look thus confirming the lack of a disk drive. Like previously leaked images, the Series S is pictured standing upright. However, the position of the Xbox logo suggests that it can also be laid horizontally.

Nothing else has been announced other than that as Xbox promised to release more information soon. Probably this would be the official pricing of the Xbox Series X that we would assume many would go for. But we should expect that version to cost higher than the Series S.

Reports by Window Central also state that both the Series X and Series S will launch on November 10th, with the previously announced high-end Series X selling for $499 (KES 50,000). Others also say that the Series S is made to play next-gen games in a smaller, cheaper package with less GPU power and lower resolution. This is different from the Series X that’s expected to be one of the most powerful consoles ever, according to Microsoft.

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