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WhatsApp Communities: Ni Necessary Kweli?

whatsapp communities

WhatsApp has been rolling out many features throughout the year like call links, hiding online status, increasing video calls and group capacity and Communities. This WhatsApp feature is yet to reach everyone, but for now, a significant amount of WhatsApp users have received it. Communities offer larger, more structured discussion groups in a way to organize multiple group chats so that the discussion in individual groups remains focused on a particular thing. However, the feature has brought mixed reactions on Twitter with WhatsApp users.

Is WhatsApp Communities Really Necessary?

As a WhatsApp user, this feature can be a pro and con at the same time. Communities can be used for events like weddings, birthdays, trips, funerals and more. Let’s take a wedding, for example, some several groups/committees would require them to be organized into different groups like Food, Treasury, Transport etc. It would be easy to coordinate the groups for easier communication to prevent spamming everyone with messages that aren’t related to them.

Another benefit of Communities is that only the admin can be able to send a message to the community. This means that important messages will not be missed in translation or other texts.

Should Businesses Use Communities?

Unlike Sumeet, I think it’s not all bad, and if you need all those features, you can use another platform.

However, I don’t believe that businesses would benefit from using Communities because WhatsApp is normally used for conversations between friends and family which could serve as a distraction when trying to get work done.

Communities feature is also similar to the multi-tasking communication tool, Slack which is used to communicate within organizations. Contrary to Communities, Slack lets you sync your calendars and encourages the sharing of information with its collaborative culture. This goes a long way towards enhancing productivity.

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  1. In order to keep the conversations in different groups on topic, communities provide bigger, more organized discussion driving directions groups. But Twitter users who also use WhatsApp have had mixed reactions to the feature.

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