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JBL Headphones You Can Readily Get in Kenya And Their Prices

JBL Headphones
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The Kenyan market is not specifically known for craving expensive headphones. This is when you compare to other markets that just cannot seem to stop craving for headsets that cost about Kes.50,000 or even over that. But with all the travelling from home to work, school or even both, we just want to be accompanied by our favourite playlists.

And yes, we can argue that we should just go for the Kes.200 choices that won’t hurt anyone. But how many times do we get to go back to the shop every two weeks because the previous pair stopped working in one ear? Why go through the hassle?

When you mention JBL headphones to anyone, one thing comes to mind, sound quality. But that quality obviously doesn’t come cheap. We are talking about headsets that comes at a whopping KES 40,000. Do not panic though as there are other options that are a lot more affordable. Them having the same quality as the expensive ones though is a topic up for debate.

Luckily, JBL’s standard of labelling their products is quite easy compared to others. There are some that are wireless depending on Bluetooth for connection and thus are labelled BT at the model number. Furthermore, we’ve gone ahead and specified whether each one of them is on-ear, over-ear or in-ear.

On-Ear and Over-Ear JBL Headphones

E35 on-ear- Kes.6,000

T450BT on-ear- Kes.5,000

E55BT on-ear- Kes.13,000

E45BT on-ear- Kes.7,500

T450 on-ear- Kes.3,000

600 BTNC on-ear- Kes.10,000

LIVE 500BT over-ear- Kes.14,000

LIVE 400BT over-ear- Kes.12,000

750 BTNC over-ear- Kes.13,000

In-Ear JBL Headphones (Earphones)

T290- Kes.3,000

T210- Kes.2,000

T110- Kes.1,500

T205- Kes.2,500

115BT- Kes.4,000

T205BT- Kes.4,500

The prices may vary at different locations.

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