Can The Apple Watch Help Increase Productivity?

Apple Watch
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One of Apple biggest promises was to reduce the need to have to look at your smartphone. Depending on your relationship with your phone, it will determine whether or not it will assist you in productivity. So the question is…

Does Apple Watch Really Help Increase Productivity?

To be honest, it depends. Having an Apple Watch does not automatically make you productive. It does give you visibility on your data, notifications and activity which gives you the tools that help to be more productive.

It’s all about discipline

If you tend to silence your phone or set it on DND (Do Not Disturb), having to look at a screen that is on you is distracting. But if you constantly use your smartphone to receive communication from work, set reminders and the like, getting a smartwatch is convenient instead of constantly reaching out for your phone.

There are so many apps that you can use. However, if you use it in a disciplined manner, it enables you to live a more productive lifestyle. Do remember that nothing is really hindering you from being productive without an Apple Watch. You can always use other wearables that are in the market at inexpensive prices. But if this is not for you, you can always note down your reminders, notes etc in a diary, if you can really manage yourself.

What is my opinion on the Apple Watch?

As an Apple Watch user myself, the Apple Watch is a great device and I enjoy it. I don’t have to check my phone in a meeting, simply raise my arm and check the notification that has been received. You can always customize your notifications in a way that you get important ones like emails, to-do list reminders and the like.

The feature that I like the most on the watch, is the Breathe app. Set it in a way that you receive reminders to stop what you are doing and relax. It has greatly helped especially when working. You need the mini-breaks to unwind.






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