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Twitter Increases Tweet Character Limit up to 4,000 from 280

Twitter Blue Character limit 4000
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Twitter has announced that it will increase the character limit for tweets, allowing users to be more verbose. As of right now, US users of Twitter Blue will receive the ability to compose tweets with up to 4,000 characters.

Twitter Blue is a premium subscription service offered by Twitter. It offers additional features and benefits to users who subscribe to it. These benefits can include the ability to organize and save tweets, undo tweets, access exclusive colors and themes, get a verified checkmark and more.

Twitter Moves Tweet Character Limit up to 4,000

The normal features of tweeting, such using images, hashtags, and polling, still apply. However, you cannot schedule or keep drafts of this longer tweets on the web.

Twitter is still Twitter, and the business is mindful that users might scroll down the timeline more frequently. As a result, tweets will continue to be limited to 280 characters on the timeline, but users can click a prompt that says “Show more” to read the full tweet. Blue subscribers are the only ones who can post longer tweets, but everyone can read and respond.

Twitter is excited to see how its users use the extra space and is encouraging them to share their thoughts. Twitter Blue subscribers can access the expanded character limit by subscribing to the service via the link in Twitter’s bio.


The announcement of longer tweets seems to signal that microblogging has lost its original meaning. Twitter, the platform that popularized short and concise messages, is now providing users with more room to express themselves.

This move may attract a new demographic of users who prefer longer form content and may also bring back those who left the platform in search of a more expressive outlet. However, it remains to be seen how the Twitter core user base will react to the change. Will longer tweets, at 4,000 characters, enhance the user experience or detract from the platform’s signature brevity and simplicity?

Only time will tell.

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