How to Apply for the New Generation Digital Number Plates in Kenya

digital number plates Kenya

Last year, the government of Kenya introduced a new generation of digital number plates for vehicles. These new plates aim to enhance road safety and security and are a great step forward in terms of technology in the transport industry.

The digital number plates in Kenya come with inbuilt security features that allow for the tracing of car ownership by law enforcement agencies. It will help them to easily trace a car in the event it is involved in committing crime.

During importation, NTSA shall fix the plates at the point of entry. The government plans to synchronize them with KRA systems to help rid cases of tax evasion in the car selling business.

The plates feature the Kenyan Flag and an NTSA Serial Number. Other features;

  • Microchip
  • QR Code
  • New Font
  • Hologram

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the new generation digital number plates.

How to Apply for the New Generation Digital Number Plates

1: Visit NTSA website-The first step to applying for the new generation digital number plates is to visit the NTSA website here

2: Once you are on the NTSA website, select “Vehicle registration” and then “apply for reflective plate.”

3: Select your vehicle from the list you have and click on “next.”

4: Choose Reason for Application In this next step, select the reason for your application as “NEW GENERATION PLATE.”

5: Upload Original Logbook and Plates -Upload a PDF form of your original logbook and plates, both the rear and front.

6: Number Plate Format -Choose your preferred number plate format between oblong and square.

7: Notification Method-Select your preferred notification method, eg SMS.

8: Collection Centre– Select the collection center and the ID of the person who will collect the plates.

9: Make Payment-The final step is to make the payment of KES 3050.

10: Once the payment is made, you will receive a collection notification within 7 days.

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