M-PESA Fuliza-Transaction Charges and Withdrawal Fees in 2023

M-PESA Fuliza charges 2023

Fuliza is a overdraft service that allows Safaricom’s M-PESA customers to complete their M-PESA transactions even when they do not have enough funds. To enjoy Fuliza a customer needs to be registered on M-PESA . Customers should then to opt into the Fuliza service to enjoy the service.


  • M-PESA customers registered using their national ID/Kenyan passport/Military ID can activate Fuliza but not all are eligible for a loan limit upon activation.
  • Accounts registered using Foreign passport cannot successfully opt-in to Fuliza.
  • One will be assigned a limit that defines the maximum amount of overdraft they can access.

How to OPT in to FULIZA

  • Dial *334#
  • Select Loans and Savings>> Select FULIZA
  • OPT in
  • Alternatively find it within the M-PESA App and OPT in.

Fuliza Charges

  1. A customer will be charged a one off 1% access fee and a daily maintenance fee is applied the next day at midnight or 00.00 hrs.
  2. You also be charged 20% excise duty on the access fee. That means a customer who uses Fuliza and repays before the next day at 00.00hrs will only pay the access fee and a maintenance on the outstanding amount as per the table below:
 BandTariff20% Excise DutyTotal Charges
0 -100KSh. 0KSh 0KSh 0
101-500KSh 2.5KSh 0.5KSh 3
501-1000KSh 5KSh 1KSh 6
1001-1500KSh 18KSh 3.6KSh 21.6
1501-2500KSh 20KSh 4KSh 24
2501-70000KSh 25KSh 5KSh 30

As of a couple of weeks ago, Safaricom now allows customers to withdraw cash from Fuliza. This means that if you have a Fuliza limit of KSh 500, you can withdraw KSh 470, with a transaction fee of KSh 27.

NOTE: Fuliza limit will be refreshed (upwards or downwards) depending on the usage and timely repayment of the facility.

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  1. if requesting fuliza must i have m pesa balance to carter for transaction ?

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