Samsung Shares Vision of Sustainability and Improved Connectivity at CES 2023

Samsung CES 2023

Samsung Electronics, at CES 2023 yesterday, shared its vision for a calmer connected world through cutting-edge technologies. These technologies enhance the lives of users by providing smarter and more intuitive experiences.

Speaking during the press conference at CES 2023, Samsung and its key partners outlined how they plan to build a better-connected world. This, all while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Samsung at CES 2023

Samsung Incorporates Sustainability at Every Level

The company highlighted how it prioritizes the environment through sustainability targets, innovative product design, and strategic partnerships. As a result, by 2050, all of Samsung’s businesses will match their electricity needs with renewable energy and reach net zero carbon emissions.

“It’s about solving real challenges today and understanding consumers’ future needs and aspirations. It will take time, innovation, and cooperation with partners worldwide. But we are committed to achieving it, and already getting started.” Jong-Hee (JH) Han, CEO and Head of the Device eXperience (DX) Division at Samsung Electronics.

In the nearer term, the DX Division will transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2027 and achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

To further the company’s sustainability goals, Samsung outlined how Everyday Sustainability will contribute to a healthier environment. Everyday Sustainability is Samsung building sustainability features into the its most popular products and services. They create more sustainable products through innovative design in materials and energy efficiency.

Samsung announced that many of its TVs and smartphones use recycled materials. The materials include recycled plastic from discarded fishing nets. In addition, Samsung’s connected services, such as SmartThings Energy and AI Energy Mode, are also helping consumers save energy and cut costs while lowering their overall climate impact.

A Connected Home and Security

In this press conference, Samsung also highlighted how features like SmartThings Home Monitor and SmartThings Pet Care bring convenience to the connected experience. They do so by monitoring and sharing alerts for anything out of the ordinary – for people and pets. Prompted by Samsung Smart TV, these services are some of the many ways Samsung is creating an even smarter home.

With more devices connected than ever, security and privacy innovations will be keys to building connected device ecosystems. Its upcoming solution, Samsung Knox Matrix, will sync credentials across devices while protecting sensitive information via monitoring enabled by private blockchain technology.

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