These New Telegram Features Will Improve Your Privacy, Including Hiding Group Members

new Telegram features privacy

Telegram is a popular messaging app known for its fast speeds and security features. Recently, the app has released a number of new features to enhance the user experience. These features include things like improved group chat management, new customization options for profiles, and a host of other updates and improvements.

Whether you’re an avid Telegram user or are new to the app, you’re sure to find something to love in the latest release.

Latest Telegram Features Update

Hidden Media

Telegram supports spoiler formatting to hide any text in messages. Now you can also cover photos and videos with a shimmering layer that blurs the image. It will take your recipients one tap to break the spell and see the content.

In the attachment menu, select one or more items, tap or and choose ‘Hide with Spoiler’.

New Drawing and Text Tools

Telegram’s already existing media editor has been fully redesigned. Drawing tools dynamically change width based on drawing speed and automatically smooth your lines.

There is a new blur tool to redact sensitive data (or photobombers) – and 5 ways to choose colors, including the Eyedropper tool.

When adding text to photos or videos, you can now change its size, font, and background. Adding custom animated emoji to text on images is available for all users.

Profile Pictures for Your Contacts

When editing your contacts, you can choose a picture for them – only you will see it on their profile. If you have a good profile picture for your contact, you can suggest it to them. It will take them just two taps to add it to their profile.

Open a contact’s Profile > Edit, then choose ‘Set Photo for…’ or ‘Suggest Photo for…

Public Profile Pictures

If you only allow certain users to see your profile photos, you can set a public picture for everyone else. This update also set visibility to ‘Nobody’ and add some users or groups as exceptions.

These settings are available in Settings > Privacy and Security > Profile Photo.

Hiding Group Members

Tools like the aggressive anti-spam setting help chat admins keep large groups clean – but some groups may also want to protect their members from unwanted personal messages.

Admins of groups with 100+ members can now choose to hide the member list. This way, if people don’t send messages to the group, only its admins will know they were there

Topics for Groups of Any Size

Topics are now available in all groups, regardless of size – giving everyone a new way to organize a discussion.

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