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Instagram Gets Users Confused With this New Notes Update

Instagram Notes feature

It has been quite a confusing day on Instagram, with new strange updates for most users. If you have not been brought up to speed, you better check your DM section. But first, let me tell you what to expect. 

Share Your Thoughts With Notes

Instagram is beginning to roll out Notes, a new way to share your thoughts and see what your friends are up to. Notes are short posts of up to 60 characters using just text and emojis. 

To leave a note, go to the top of your inbox, select the followers you follow back or people on your Close Friends list, and your note will appear at the top of their inbox for 24 hours. Replies to notes will arrive as DMs in your inbox.

From asking for recommendations to sharing what they’re up to, Notes is supposed to give people a casual and spontaneous way to express themselves and connect.

Is this like….Tweets?

Moments With Friends

Instagram is also testing new features in Stories to help people more easily share in spontaneous, fun ways.

Add Yours’ nominations

The platform is testing an update to Add Yours where you can invite friends to take part by tapping “pass it on” when you see a prompt that reminds you of them.

Candid Stories

Candid is a new way to capture and share what you’re doing right now in a story that’s only visible to those who also share their own. Capture a candid from the stories camera, the multi-author story at the top of the feed, or from the daily notification reminder that starts after your first candid. For those who don’t want to receive the daily notification reminder, turn it off in your Settings. 

Collaborate With Groups

Group Profiles

Soon, people will be able to create and join this new type of profile to share posts and stories in a dedicated, shared profile with friends. Whenever you share content to a Group Profile, that content will only be shared with group members instead of your followers and will be posted on the Group Profile instead of your own. To create a new group profile, tap the “+” and select Group Profiles.

Collaborative Collections

Instagram is testing a way for people to connect with friends over their shared interests by saving posts to a collaborative collection in your group or 1:1 DMs. You can start or add to a collaborative collection by saving a post directly from the feed or sharing a post with a friend via DM and saving it from there.

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