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WhatsApp is Down. Users Unable To Send / Receive Messages

WhatsApp Down

At around 10 am EAT hrs on Tuesday morning, Facebook-owned WhatsApp went down. Users around the world were unable to send or receive messages on the messaging app. The funny thing about this mishap is how many people use Twitter to confirm if WhatsApp is actually down.

WhatsApp Down, Twitter Saves

It started off with users reporting seeing only one tick when they send messages. Then it went worse when users could not be able to send messages to groups. Now, affected users are seeing a message stating WhatsApp is β€œconnecting” to the service when trying to send a message. For some of us, it was the dreaded pinwheel that suggests your message has not been delivered.

The outage is affecting both personal chats as well as group chats. It currently seems impossible to send a message on WhatsApp groups, but personal chats also seem to be largely affected.

Regularly when this happens, you switch from WiFi to data. You turn off and reset your phone and do hundreds of things trying to take the blame away from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web also appears to be down and we can confirm that app’s web client is simply not connecting anymore. Anyone trying to use WhatsApp Web will be greeted to an error message like the one seen below.

Unfortunately, none of these tactics solved the problem. Thus, thousands of people flocked to Twitter to find out if they were the only ones affected. It’s not clear what the cause of these outages has been, WhatsApp is yet to even say anything in regards to the outage. However, past outages have been attributed to configuration errors on their servers.

According to the tweets, it looks like checking Twitter and confirming it on Gadgets Africa is the best way to know if WhatsApp is really Down.

Here are some of the tweets from all over the world showing you just how much of an issue it is.

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