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Interesting Much? Here is a Way to Set Your Snapchat Stories To Last a Week

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It seems everyone is going premium these days and hiding a few features in there as a treasure. From Telegram Premium to Twitter Blue, you can get to enjoy exclusive features unavailable to”regular” users at an extra fee if so you fancy. Now, Snapchat has updated its experience for the premium subscription tier.

Here are the new features.

Set Your Snapchat Stories To Last a Week

Custom Story Expiration

Before this update, Snapchat Stories for both free users and Plus subscribers expired after 24 hours.

With the brand new Custom Story Expiration, you can set Snaps on your story to expire after one hour or up to one week. With this new feature, you can make sure your friends see your special Snaps worth sharing longer or keep them coming back for your most fun and fleeting moments.

Custom Notification Sound

This will let you set different tones for different friends so you can tell who Snapped at you without looking at your phone. There are a total of 7 sounds you can choose from.

Camera Color Borders

This feature lets you cast your favorite hue on screen as you capture content. You can choose from a fairly large selection of colors

Bitmoji Backgrounds

Three new exclusive, seasonal, and spooky Bitmoji Backgrounds let you decorate your Snapchat profile for Halloween.

With the updates, Snapchat Plus subscribers now have access to over 12 exclusive features. Snapchat+ starts from $3.99 a month. This premium version of Snapchat is also not available in all countries, so you will have to check if you can get it at your location.

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