SIM Card Registration Deadline is Here, Again-Act Fast or Get Disconnected!

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Early this year, Kenyans were thrown to panic when the Communications Authority announced compulsory re-registration of SIM Cards. This was to be done by April 15th, 2022, or else the users would face disconnection. However, the authority later extended the SIM Card registration validation exercise by six (6) months. 

The announcement came as Kenyans rushed to meet the April deadline, during which the mobile operators were expected to ensure 100 per compliance.

CA Director General Mr. Ezra Chiloba said the decision arose from an assessment of the operators’ preparedness to ensure compliance and the public outcry over several issues.

SIM Card Registration Deadline in Kenya is Here, Again

‘‘In order to ensure that operators meet their obligation, the Authority has extended the SIM card registration validation period for a further six (6) months. The new deadline for updating subscriber registration details will be 15th October 2022,’’ said Mr. Chiloba.

Further, a review of the compliance levels by the operators showed that a lot still needed to be done to ensure full compliance. By the first deadline, Safaricom PLC had reported only 67 percent compliance, Airtel Kenya 55 percent while Telkom Kenya was at 33 percent.

Some of the consumer concerns that pushed the Authority to give additional time included how to address the needs of subscribers outside the country and in rural and remote parts of the country. Others are how to avail the service to the vulnerable population who may not be in a position to present themselves physically for this exercise.

Mr. Chiloba added that during the six-month period, the Authority will undertake monthly reviews to assess progress and will undertake a detailed compliance audit on each of the operators.

‘‘Subsequently, any case of non-compliance with the SIM Card Registration Regulations 2015 by either the operators or subscribers will attract immediate penalties as laid out by law,’’ stated the Director General in April.

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