4 Mobile Games That Are Actually Good in 2022

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Mobile gaming has evolved drastically in recent years. This evolution has been partially contributed by smartphone manufacturers who are now making phones with powerful specs hence making game developers explore their limits. If you are a gamer and looking to try out some new games on your phone, Here are 4 mobile games that are actually good in 2022

Mobile Games To Download in 2022

Shadow legends

Shadow legends was originally a pc game but made its way to mobile phones in 2019. The game offers interesting features and allows you to play with up to 5 playable champions. In the game, each champion has unique traits and skills that can be used to help the team in a battle. The characters in the game are well designed and the mobile game offers console-like graphics. Therefore if you are into games that involve war and battle, then you should try this one.

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Subway Surfers

Subway surfers are among the most popular mobile games and have over 1 billion downloads on both the google play store and app store. The game can be played by both kids and adults and has many similarities with other games like temple run. The game is simple to play but it requires a lot of concentration to overcome obstacles. The game is endless and you can play for a very long time provided you don’t lose concentration and hit the obstacles. In the game, you gain more speed as you progress just like temple run.

Race master 3D

Race master 3D is among the most popular racing games. Playing this game is easy, it only requires you to keep your finger on the screen and try not to lose control of the car. In the game, you compete with other drivers on a very beautiful racing track. If you fail or crash, the game does not stop but it only takes you more time to catch up with the other racers. If you are into racing games, you should try race master 3D.

Ludo king

Ludo king is a popular game because it allows gamers to play with their or other gamers from anywhere in the world provided they have internet access. The game can be played by up to 4 people at the same time and even allows live chat while playing. The game is easy to play and has quite friendly. It also has an offline mode which allows you to play without the internet.

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