Canon Launches a Virtual Film School for Filmmakers in Africa

Canon academy video film school

Canon Central and North Africa announced the launch of its revolutionary virtual film school called Canon Academy Video.

This first-of-its-kind, newly launched Canon Academy Video, will empower cinematographers, filmmakers, and videographers. This will be through delivering an online film school with a vast amount of educational content. There will be insights and guidance from leading industry experts, tips, and tricks on using Canon products for filmmaking, and much more. 

The platform has courses aimed at cinematographers, filmmakers, and videographers of all skill levels which are delivered through e-learning, and face-to-face learning experiences and workshops. It is currently available in English and French and virtually mimics the actual working process of a physical production studio to deliver an authentic learning experience to users.  

Enabling Access To Education

“We are transcending the borders of learning by introducing this novel education format that is a lot more than just a virtual hub of information. We have paid special attention to the details in ensuring that we created an experience that thoroughly immerses the user into understanding the A-To-Z of filmmaking,” Amine Djouahra, Sales, and Marketing Director, Canon Central and North Africa.

“Our goal is to make education in filmmaking accessible to all through this platform. So, if you have the passion for education in filmmaking, Canon has the solution – The Canon Video Academy,” he continues.

Empowerment Through Embracing Technology

The Canon Academy Video has three main areas: Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. 

The Pre-production suite will guide learners to understand everything that happens at this stage, from creating storyboards to setting budgets and project timelines. The production studio will emphasize lighting and camera control techniques, and lastly, the post-production suite will take a user through the editing and sound-mixing stages of production. 

The virtual school also offers detailed insights on Canon cameras, and the best tips and tricks to use them, in the ‘Kit room,’ while its ‘theatre room’ will be a go-to place to access information about Canon’s latest equipment, upcoming events, and masterclasses. The second phase will include enhancements to the platform based on learners’ feedback and physical workshops where content related to what is available on the platform will be delved into more deeply. 

The initiative is currently accessible to anyone and everyone in Africa, making the platform accessible to those who are yearning to learn about filmmaking.

The platform can be accessed here – Canon Academy Video   

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