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Ever since I jumped from the Waptrick ship to Spotify, I have never gone back. I stream music and podcasts on there basically every waking hour, and I love writing about the features I enjoy. I will probably continue to, as long as they keep the game up. Now, Spotify is out with a limited deal available in Kenya- three free months of service for new Spotify Premium users.

Spotify offers a vast library of over 82 million tracks, including over 4 million podcast titles. Spotify offers podcasts within its app, distinctly as podcasts.

The three-month offer is available for new individual subscribers, while new Spotify Duo and family subscribers can receive one free month. The offer isn’t available to former Premium members.

Why Spotify Premium

While you can still get Spotify for free in Kenya with an option to upgrade later, there is a case to be argued for the premium offering. Free users will have to listen to advertising interrupting their playlists. It’s also not possible to play a specific song on-demand, as you can only listen to randomized playlists.

Paying users have unlimited skips for playlists, while non-paying users may find they cannot skip tracks from time to time, so it forces them to listen to tracks they may not want. There is also no offline listening option, and the music quality is lower than on premium.

The new offer is valid for users until Sunday, September 11th. After the three-month trial is over, they will charge subscribers who took advantage of the deal regular price for the subscription.

Spotify Premium Pricing Details In Kenya

Spotify Premium for an individual costs KES 299 per month. There is a subscription for two users called Spotify Premium Duo which is priced at KES 389 a month. Spotify Premium Family for up to six people is the highest at KES 479 a month. This also comes with options to block explicit music and use a separate Spotify for Kids.

There is a Spotify mini, that allows a week’s subscriptions for KES 49/week. The Student Plan costs KES 149/month allowing only 1 account.

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