Best eBook Reading Apps To Take Your Books Everywhere

best book reading apps

When one is an avid reader, one is frequently put in a predicament of figuring out how to take their books with them. With the advancements in technology, consumers no longer suffer from a lack of choice when it comes to reading ebooks on their smart devices. Where once readers were limited to a few free book reading apps, now there are numerous high-quality apps for your devices that support the format of your ebooks, audiobooks and numerous file types.

Reading apps are also beneficial. They have brought about convenience by being able to store and save your books to open up at any time. There is also the mitigation of the environmental impact by eliminating paper processing. These are just a few reasons to consider using a reading app. Below are a few of the best ones we would recommend (for iOS and Android).

Aldiko Next

Aldiko is a free e-reading platform that has a highly customizable reading interface. It enables various reading formats like epub, pdf, Adobe DRM encrypted files and lets you shop for new reads within the app. The app also has a premium version where you can add as many audiobooks as you’d like as well as highlight, leave notes and comment as you read.

Available on Android and iOS.


If this app sound familiar, it’s probably because it’s one of the most famous birthplaces of fanfic turned movies eg. After. It’s a great ebook reader app that is simple and allows users to search for content via book codes or internal browsers. It’s an excellent place to discover a range of free, exciting stories. Wattpad is also a network that allows authors to promote exciting new works to eager readers, making it a great place to discover new favorites.

Available on Android and iOS.


Kindle is one of the best known e-reading services in the world of readers. The app offers a wide selection of books, magazine, and newspapers. The interface is easy to use and you don’t need to own a Kindle to access the content.

Available on Android and iOS.


Audible is one of the more unique apps as it only offers audiobooks. For those who have a hard time reading books, they can use Audible to listen to their preferred audiobooks. It also allows you to listen offline and gain credits, access to exclusive podcasts and more.

Available on Android and iOS.

Apple Books

This one is for the Apple users. Apple Books is an in built Apple library, It has features like keeping track of completed books, track your reading time and join book clubs amongst others. It doesn’t have a subscription fee however, you pay for books specifically when you want them.

Available on iOS.

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