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How To Block Shows On Disney Plus?

How To Block Shows On Disney Plus?

In recent years, Disney Plus has been one of the trending and widely used web show and movie streaming apps. It covers classic and new favourites in featured films, TV shows, and documentaries.

Disney plus app content attracts most children and teenagers, with most series coming under the Disney umbrella. However, the streaming channel has expanded its programming to comprise more than 18+ videos under the Disney plus star banner.

Teenagers and kids are more attracted to web shows and movies of various genres. They like to stream movies and web shows with their friends and also want to talk about their favourite web shows, episodes, characters, etc. However, some of these shows are R-rated which contain 18+ and mature content, which can be inappropriate for your kids. 

Hence as a parent, you need to keep an eye on your kids and what they are watching or what content they prefer. You’ll also need to put some restrictions on Disney plus shows and movies. 

Parental controls have been added to Disney plus, allowing parents to block access to inappropriate content for their children. Parents may wonder if there is a method to restrict shows on Disney, plus including adult content.

What Is Disney Plus?

Disney plus is Disney’s new streaming service, and it houses a wide back catalogue of Disney content, including both TV episodes and movies. In addition to existing content, Disney is expanding its classic Disney Plus web shows and movies portfolio.

Even though it has only been accessible since November 2019, Disney Plus is one of today’s most popular streaming services. In the months since its introduction, Disney has amassed a subscriber base of a huge number of customers and users.

If you want to join Disney Plus, you have numerous possibilities. For $13.99 a month, you can get Hulu plus ESPN plus in a bundle. You can purchase Disney Plus Subscription for $7.99 or spend $79.99 for a year’s subscription worth.


Is It Possible To Block Shows On Disney Plus?

Yes, Disney Plus shows can be blocked with the help of the parental control feature on Disney by locking profiles with PINs and many more. When you initially create a Disney Plus profile, it is immediately converted to a child’s profile.

It allows parents to filter movies and television programs inappropriate for children. All of these options can be modified at any time through the profile settings options. You can block movies and web shows that contain adult and inappropriate content for your kids.

Disney Plus, parental control settings are set up in the same way on all devices. Your account saves your preferences across all of your devices when you load the app, so you only have to turn on the parental control settings one time to ban the shows. You must adjust the settings for each account if you have multiple accounts.

What Are The Ways To Block Shows On Disney Plus?

In this article, we’ve covered all of the necessary details on how to ban web shows and movies on Disney Plus and the actions you’ll need to do to activate Disney’s parental controls.


  • Creating Kids Profile:

You can generate a kid’s profile in your account settings. If you select the kid’s profile option, Disney plus will filter out inappropriate content for your child’s age. To generate a kid profile, follow the below-given instructions:


  • Open your Disney plus account and log in.
  • By tapping on profile, select edit profiles from the drop-down list.
  • Choose the profile you want to modify.
  • Turn on the kid’s profile slider in the Disney Plus parental control section.
  • Type your password to finish the changes. 

Follow the instructions mentioned above and the steps to create a kid profile on your Disney account to block inappropriate and adult-themed web shows for your kids.


  • Adding a PIN Code:

In each Disney Plus profile, parents can set up a profile PIN security that prevents signing in or switching from one profile to another profile. To enable PIN lock, follow the below-mentioned instruction:


  • Open your Disney Plus account and log in.
  • Tap on the profile icon, and select the edit profiles option.
  • Choose the profile you want to set PIN lock.
  • Select the Profile PIN option from parental controls settings.
  • Add a 4-number PIN and type your password to finish the setup.


Follow the steps mentioned above to add a PIN lock to your kid’s profile and ensure they can’t access 18+ rated web series and shows.


  • Setting Up Content Ratings For Specified Shows:

Disney Plus also offers a new parental controls function that allows you to restrict access to some specified shows and movies for a particular profile based on content ratings.

When this mode is enabled, shows that are not classified as G or TV-7FV are prohibited, and movies and TV shows are blocked by picking the rating whenever you wish to restrict access.

For setting up content ratings for specified shows on Disney Plus, follow the below-given instructions:


  • Open your Disney Plus account and log in.
  • Tap on the profile icon, and select the edit profiles option.
  • Choose the profile you want to modify.
  • Select the content rating option from parental control settings.
  • Choose suitable ratings for web shows and movies from 6+ to 18+.

You can easily set up content ratings for specified web shows and movies following the above-given steps.


  • Adding an Exit Question:

In Disney Plus, you can add a Kid-proof exit question parental control option to add an exit question for kids. Before leaving the kids profile, kids profile, the kids must first give answers to the question, which adds an added layer of protection.

Follow the below-given instructions to set up this setting:


  • Open your Disney Plus account and log in.
  • Tap on the profile icon, and select the edit profiles option.
  • Choose the kid’s profile you want to update.
  • Turn on the kid-proof exit question option from the Disney Plus parental control section.
  • Fill in the blanks with your exit question and the response you’d want to get.

Follow these simple steps to add a kid-proof exit question settings to your kid’s Profile on Disney plus.

What Is Missing From Disney Plus Parental Controls?

Even though Disney Plus has a variety of capabilities for banning shows, the parental controls accessible in Disney Plus still have flaws. Here’s a quick list of potential issues:


  • Even shows with a PG13 rating on Disney Plus include some adult-themed shows and movies.


  • Kids with basic computer skills can simply toggle between limited and unrestricted parental control profiles.


  • Screen time limitations and monitoring tools aren’t included; thus, you won’t be able to keep track of your child’s Disney plus usage.
  • There are no clear distinctions between PG nad PG13 content in Dinsey Plus parental settings, and it means that both limitations can be enabled or disabled simultaneously.

More adult-themed content is now available in the app due to the growth of Disney Plus. Parents have expressed their concerns over Disney plus limiting specific programs that are improper for their children in a particular profile.

This article has compiled all of the options for blocking R-rated shows on Disney Plus. It’s still a trending streaming service, with many old and new possibilities that block mature content and specific series.



About the author: Keira Zelmanis a parent-focused writer at She focuses her efforts on helping children reach their full potential academically, in social and linguistic terms, and fosters and promotes the growth and development of parents and children. She aims to build a better and more positive environment for children through her writings. 


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