It’s About Time To Declutter Your Phone: Explained

Declutter Your Phone
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Several studies have shown that having a clean and organized space has positive effects on your general well being. Clutter does not necessarily mean your surroundings, it can also be what is in your phone. Decluttering and organizing your phone feels like it’s a brand new phone when technically it’s not. We spend a lot of time on our phones. The average person spends over three hours a day on their phone so keeping it clean and organized is important.

As the new year has started, this is the best time to reorganize your digital life.

Decluttering Tips

Offload Apps

When it comes to decluttering, it’s best to start with the apps downloaded. Start by deleting apps that you don’t use. There’s no need of keeping them and all it does is eat up space on your phone. You can always reinstall the apps if you need them in the future.

Reorganize the remaining apps by either putting similar apps in folders, alphabetical or even colour coordinating them.

Delete Unnecessary Photos

You may be telling yourself that you require all the photos on your phone, but honestly, you don’t. Most of us have lots of unnecessary screenshots, multiple photos of the same shot or blurry photos that you accidentally took. We all have them. Take your time and go through your gallery, delete all those photos. It’s about time.

Delete Text Messages

If you want to declutter your phone and save storage space, consider deleting text messages. There are those that are sentimental and want to keep them, it’s really not necessary. However, it is up to you to delete whatever you want. You can delete all your messages or pick point which ones you don’t need anymore.

Unsubscribe From Email Subscriptions

My email inbox always gets full of weird subscriptions and I always procrastinate to unsubscribe. However, it is about time. Check what subscriptions you have, whether by an app or on your inbox and unsubscribe.

Hope this helps declutter your digital life, as a clear and decluttered phone will help get work done more efficiently.

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