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Twitter Is Working On A Feature That Lets Users Co-Author Tweets

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Twitter has confirmed that it’s tinkering with a new feature that allows two accounts to co-author tweets, according to TechCrunch. The feature, entitled “Collaborations” would make it easier for companies and influencers to post brand partnerships and sponsored content.

A similar feature already exists with rival social media platforms Instagram. It has allowed users to co-author posts since 2021. While the feature isn’t public yet, a version was first spotted by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. Paluzzi has been sharing regular updates on how the collaborations feature works. This is after he first uncovered the project last December.

The app researcher shared an apparently leaked Twitter dialogue box explaining how users can post a co-authored tweet.

Alessandro Paluzzi shared a screenshot that shows that users can invite other accounts to collaborate with them on a tweet. The account needs to have followed the user. Once accepted, the tweet will be published and they will be indicated as co-author and the tweet will be shared with their followers. Also, both avatars from both accounts will be shown on the top left of the post. Hopefully, there is a method in place to stop popular accounts from getting repeatedly sent requests to co-author with spam accounts.

There is currently no word on when Twitter might roll out the “Collaborations” feature or whether it will even go past the development stage. Twitter may follow suit given that at least one of Twitter’s competitors already offers such a feature.

This feature will be one of the most interesting features that may be released by Twitter. What are your thoughts?

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