This App Helps You Check The Compatibility of Your Smart Devices

Virtual Assistant Compatibility
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We have numerous articles on smart home gadgets and their benefits. However, it’s not just about buying a smart gadget, also consider the compatibility of your smart device to the virtual assistant. Say you have devices that are compatible with Google Assistant while others with Siri. It will be a bit difficult to control the devices since they have different virtual assistants.┬áThis is why it is advisable to buy devices that are compatible with a particular home assistant. It makes controlling much easier and seamless.

With the help of an application that we thoroughly tested with the team, it is easy to know the compatibility of a device that was purchased or are to purchase to the virtual assistant. The application is called Canda. It helps identify the best smart home devices that are compatible with your virtual assistant. It shows the compatibility of Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri.

What you need to do is click on ‘Find your device’. A menu with various categories is displayed. Here, choose from various categories like Smart Speakers, Smart lights, Smart Vacuums etc. Once selected, click on ‘Select the device’ and choose the device that you are looking for.


Once the device is chosen, choose the virtual assistant and click on ‘Check Compatibility’ The results are immediate and show if the device is compatible or not.


A feature besides the compatibility checker is requesting for missing devices. The application has a number of devices but not all. Incase the device is missing, it’s as simple as filling in the ‘Device Not Found’ form in the homepage. Sooner or later, the device will be added. Canda is simple to use and has a user friendly interface. This is an app that is helpful for those who aren’t tech savvy. It will save time and most definitely your money.


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