These Tech Habits Will Positively Improve Your Daily Productivity

Tech Habits Productivity
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Technology has become a central part of our lives. Lines have become blurred with our relationship with tech, it can overpower our lives. It’s important to understand the impact technology has in different areas of our lives such as productivity and health. Establishing a healthy relationship with tech can positively impact our lives.┬áHere are three tech habits to positively improve your daily productivity:

  • Avoid using your phone first thing in the morning

One of the things many of us do – me included- is to check our phones immediately when we wake up. Checking your phone to lots of texts and emails can increase your stress levels and compromise the ability to prioritize tasks. This could lead to procrastination.

It’s preferred to wake up, do your morning routine then check your phone. Spending time away from the tech makes a huge impact on your performance. It allows you to focus and have a clearer thought process for decision making.

  • Limit phone time and take regular screen breaks

It’s crucial to limit screen time on our devices. Limiting screen time allows one to set boundaries and find a better balance. Most smartphones have a setting that allows you to limit screen time.

For those who work in environments where using devices is the norm, setting a limit may be a bit unrealistic. However, taking regular screen breaks will improve your posture and reduce eye strain. It will also improve your productivity.

  • Reduce impulsive web browsing

This may seem like an easy task, but something as simple as making a simple web search or watching a YouTube video can toss you down a rabbit hole that you can’t emerge from easily. This also applies to social media apps like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. With the internet being readily available, it is too easy to get distracted. It is best to write down thoughts and ideas that you get and note them down. Once done with the task you are working on, you can freely look up the information.

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