How To Evaluate Your Old Phone, and Sell It Instantly In Nairobi


Badili Africa is a Kenyan startup offering a smartphone resale service through its website. Provided as a simple evaluation form, anyone can get the best price on their old smartphone and receive cash from the company. Here is how to evaluate your old phone, and sell it instantly to Badili.

  1. Device Type

The first step to complete once you have accessed the Badili website is filling out the name and model of your smartphone’s brand.

evaluate old phone sell

The brands currently available for resale on the platform are:

  • Oppo
  • Realme
  • Apple
  • Infinix
  • Samsung
  • Vivo
  • Xiaomi
  • Tecno

Once you have selected the variant of the phone in terms of RAM/Internal storage combinations, the site provides the maximum value you can get with the phone. The actual value will depend on the state of your phone and its accessories.

Badili evaluate old phone

  1. Device Condition

This next step has a couple of conditions to fill out for the most accurate valuation to be achieved. It checks important details about the phone’s body, screen, accessories, and key internal functions.

Here is what you are expected to fill out in the self-evaluation form.

  • Powering up and Cellular Network

Badili evaluate old phone


  • Functional Problems.

Badili evaluate old phone

Badili evaluate old phone


  • Original Accessories Available

Badili evaluate old phone


  1. Check-Out

Upon completing the above form, the website provides the exact price at which Badili will buy back your phone. At this point, you can proceed to check out the phone and schedule a pick-up at a time and place most convenient to you.

A technician will arrive to pick up the phone and confirm that its condition matches your self-evaluation. Payment is then processed instantly and sent to your bank account or MPESA wallet.

Badili evaluate old phone

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