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Google Celebrates African Women Entrepreneurs on International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

Another year and another chance to dedicate a day to celebrate the women in our lives. It’s not enough but they deserve it all. Did you know that 58% of Africa’s entrepreneurs are women? Google has been working to empower them with tools and they are also taking this day to celebrate them on International Women’s Day.

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Google is known for their doodles and they never fail to come up with a catchy one given the occasion. As seen above, their new doodle shows their support for women all over the world of all ethnicity and religion. They now go deeper into talking about African women entrepreneurs.

International Women’s Day: Google Celebrates African Women

On this website, Google is telling stories of how businesswomen are getting their names out there. The stories show female CEOs, owners and founders who are making a name for themselves. Including Serah Muindi who is supporting mental awareness in Kenya.

She founded Hopewell Counselling Firm to provide mental wellness services to individuals and communities in Kenya. She is among a long list of women doing the most and deserves all of the praise for her efforts.

Google began honouring people, events, anniversaries, and holidays with Doodles and the tradition lives on to date. Since then, we have seen a lot of special people up on that pedestal.

Last time on a special day in Kenyan history, Google honoured Mekatilili wa Menza. The Kenyan ‘Wonder Woman’. You can read the full story here and check more interesting doodles from Google here.

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