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Google Is Using Doodles To Recognize and Appreciate Coronavirus Helpers

Google Doodles

See those ‘Google artworks’ on the Googles Search homepage that change every now and then? The ones that often teach you a thing or two about history, a current event, or even a historical date? Those are Google Doodles. The current Google Doodles are focused on encouraging people to appreciate the Coronavirus helpers.

We earlier did an article on ideas people had for Google Doodles. The idea just puts space in between each letter in the word “Google.” This is something that would surely spark interest from the millions of people who would see the Doodle.

Google Doodle

Fortunately, Google took the hint and have put up some doodles to encourage people to recognize those at the forefront.

The first thanks public health workers and researchers in the scientific community. Given that there will be 14 in the series, Google is using the same basic format with the “G” sending a heart to an ‘e’ that’s been themed.

Appreciating Coronavirus Helpers

Over the next two weeks, our Doodles will honour other essential frontline workers. Including healthcare workers, first responders, and the many people keeping services like sanitation, food service, public transit, schools, and more up and running. Thank you to all the people who are working to save lives and keep communities safe during this pandemic.

  • April 6: Public health workers and to researchers in the scientific community

  • 7th: Doctors, nurses, and medical workers

  • 8th: Appreciating emergency services workers


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