This Google Search Feature Teaches You New Words Everyday

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Google is currently introducing a new feature that lets users expand their vocabulary and increase their language proficiency. This is a feature that has been added to the Google Search app and introduces a new word every day for you. After signing up, daily notifications with a new word are sent daily containing some interesting facts behind it to pull curiosity from users.

Google Teaches You New Words

The feature was announced by the tech giant via a blog post on October 21. Through the sent notifications, users can open the Google app on their devices to look up the definition of the Engish word of the day. Once the user searches a definition, entries will appear with a ‘bell’ icon on the top-right corner. Clicking the icon will activate the feature. The update is currently limited to the Google app on phone.

Unfortunately, the feature is right now only available in English. According to Google, there are words fashioned for both English learners and fluent speakers alike. Soon, users will be able to choose different difficulty levels for the choice of words as well.

This comes at a time when the company has been adding multiple new features for its services recently. The search giant introduced an instrument tuner to its search engine earlier this month. The handy tool lets users tune a guitar using the microphone of their device. The inbuilt tuner works like any other guitar tuning app. The instrument tuner can be accessed by simply typing “Google tuner” in the Google Search bar.

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