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In September 2013 a Dutch start-up Floorplanner launched a platform that allows anyone to be an interior designer. Known as Roomstyler, it is a website where people can design a room or style and remodel their homes, over and over again.

Roomstyler Website: Design Your Dream Home

Roomstyler is built upon 3D planner technology, originally developed by MyDeco3D (a London company founded by Brent Hoberman). Floorplanner acquired MyDeco3D to not only offer the best platform for floor plans, but also for interior design.

The beauty of Roomstyler is that there is no longer a need for hours of pointless heavy lifting or endless squinting at colour samples. The site lets you remodel your room online. Then when you are happy with the result you can start decorating in real life.

  1. You sign up for free
  2. Choose a room size to start decorating
  3. Choose among the 120.000+ items in Roomstyler’s virtual library.
  4. After this, you can create photo-realistic 3D looks of the interiors you have made.
  5. Moreover, the items in the virtual library are models of real furniture. This means you are likely to find them or have them made.


Additionally, the platform also functions as a view book with the tens of thousands of rooms that are already online. With an active community that designs for fun and for competition! the models new and inspiring designs every day. From man-caves and spacious lofts to teenage bedrooms and rooftop gardens, your room design lies in your hands and this website.

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  1. Ben je op zoek naar iets interessants voor je binnenverlichting, dan raad ik je aan om eens goed te kijken bij fotoplafond. Dit is een nieuw type verlichting, dat over het algemeen alleen door grote bedrijven wordt gebruikt. U kunt deze verlichting dus al leren kennen en toepassen in uw leven.

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