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Instagram Finally Lets Users Post Photos and Videos from Web Version


Instagram has finally added the ability to post photos or videos using the web version. As reported first by Engadget, the feature has now rolled out to everyone around the world. This could offer a lot of convenience for users who edit photos on their PCs and upload highly processed images.

This now means that you will not have to transfer your images to your smartphone as you can easily upload them on Instagram, directly from your computer. Prior to this, Instagram only allowed users to explore feed on the web version. Later on, came the ability to access direct messages and view live streams from the PC.

According to the cited source, the company has also rolled out some of the features for mobile users as well. This includes a new Collabs test feature that allows two people to co-author posts and Reels. One just needs to invite someone else from the tagging screen to involve a person.

With this, followers for both users will be able to see the post. This feature could help increase the number of followers. Those who are using the feature will also get to see that Instagram even displays the same views, likes and comments for both creators or authors.

Engadget also suggested that Instagram will let you “start nonprofit fundraisers right from the new post button.” One will also now see new music-driven Reels effects starting today.

These include Superbeat, which basically adds special effects in sync with the beat. There will also be Dynamic Lyrics, which adds 3D lyrics that flow with the track.

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