Telegram Introduces Live Stream With Unlimited Number of Viewers


Since its launch over 8 years ago, Telegram has always been one very busy app with a constant tradition of monthly updates that introduce new features. Now, the latest update has introduced liver streams with unlimited viewers to groups and channels. This is alongside options to remove captions from media and hide sender names when forwarding files.

In a blog post, Telegram announced that users will now be able to host live streams without having to worry about the number of viewers. This will operate similarly to group video calls that also don’t have a limit in the number of participants. The only difference is that video chats depend on the number of people in that particular group.

To begin a session, you can simply tap ‘Video Chat’ (in Groups) or ‘Live Stream’ (in Channels) on the profile page of a community where you are an admin. The viewers of your Live Stream can also raise their hand and join your broadcast if you allow them to speak.

Now it’s not clear who exactly will be streaming live via Telegram, but the feature is definitely welcome.

This feature comes alongside comes a new kind of forwarding that Telegram refers to as flexible. With this, you will be able to hide the initial sender’s name whenever you want to forward a message to someone else. So the receiver will not have to know who sent the message initially.

Jumping from one channel to another will also be easier as you can just scroll through without having to go back to your chat list. This is especially important for users who are subscribed to multiple news channels.

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