Netflix Kicks Off Gaming Venture With Two Stranger Things Mobile Games

Netflix-stranger things game

Netflix has officially kicked off its journey into the gaming world with two games on its Android app, though just in Poland. This was revealed by the streaming giant through a tweet stating that it is at an early stage with gaming on its platform. The firm has for a while been showing interest in game development and last month was when it was all made official. But it now looks like the proof of concept is now out. And why not begin with an adaptation of one of Netflix’s most popular shows?

During an E3 event back in 2019, Netflix announced a free-to-play location-based RPG/puzzler dubbed Stranger Things for Android and iOS. As it seems, this will be one of the very first titles that make it into the platform.

Before confirming these plans, the firm had been teasing users through its recruitment of individuals experienced in the gaming development industry.  Last month, it hired former Electronic Arts and Facebook executive, Mike Verdu, as its Vice President of Game Development. Later in the same month, Netflix mentioned in its letter to shareholders that gaming will be a core part of its subscription offering.

Currently, only users in Poland can get to enjoy the two first games namely, Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3. The latter has actually been available to users but outside the app on PC and consoles.

Netflix Poland confirmed this development on Twitter emphasising that the process is at its baby steps and that there’s a lot of work to do in the coming months.  According to the account, there will be no ads or in-app purchases in these games. This will definitely be good news for mobile gamers who are used to their devices getting riddled with those.

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