Xiaomi Drops The “Mi” Branding For All of Its Upcoming Devices

Image courtesy Xiaomi

Xiaomi has been known for the past couple of years to adopt the “Mi” branding for all its devices. So it definitely was a surprise to some to see the Chinese firm launch a new Mix smartphone with just the label Xiaomi Mix 4 a few weeks ago. Now, it looks like this will be the future going forward, as reported by¬†XDA Developers.

If this new structure is truly for the long term, this means that all its upcoming smartphones will drop the Mi label. So, the Mi 12, expected to launch later this year, will drop as the Xiaomi 12.

This will definitely be a huge change for the brand as Xiaomi has used it since its very first smartphone, the Mi 1. We then saw the branding carry on to other products like tablets, wearables, laptops among more.

However, you should know that the first product to bear the Mi brand wasn’t actually a smartphone. It was actually MIUI, the company’s Android-based operating system that is on version 12.5 today.

But to be clear, this does not mean that any of its already existing gadgets will change names as well. For instance, the Mi 11 will still remain as such.

The move does seem reasonable at a time when Xiaomi is ruling as the world’s top smartphone brand. Perhaps, they think that it’s time for customers to associate their products with the company’s name rather than just “Mi”. As it stands, the company does not market its devices with the “Mi” branding in its home market, China. Making this a global approach would then be the best thing to do for its future devices.

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